• Forts, Houses, whatever

    28 Apr | 13
    • in Woodworking • 
    • by FozzTexx

    I made these toys for the kids a couple of years ago. I found a single page description in a woodworking book for making toys at the library. It seemed very simple but it looked like one of those kinds of toys that kids would go back to again and again because it could be used in so many different ways. The construction is very simple, it's thin sheets with notches cut into them. The wide notches represent doors and windows, depending on which way it is turned, and the thin notches allow...

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  • Turning a Teensy into a floppy controller

    04 Apr | 13
    • in Electronics • 
    • in Commodore 64 • 
    • by FozzTexx

    If you've messed around in the Commodore 64 world for even a short time, you've probably discovered that it's theoretically possible to hook up a Commodore 1541 5.25" floppy disk drive to a PC. Most of the information you come across though either talks about a specialized circuit board, or using a computer with a parallel port. While I do have plenty of older computers that have the nifty parallel port that can be used as GPIO, I was more interested in interfacing the drive...

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  • Putting a custom EPROM on an Atari 800 cartridge

    21 Mar | 13
    • in Computers • 
    • by FozzTexx

    Another retro computer I've been messing with is an Atari 800. It has been neglected for a long time and looks like it was left in some areas with some moisture. For the most part it works, but it has no color output. I got the Atari 800 field service manual and it talks about a SALT II diagnostic cartridge. Now that I have working EPROM burner, figured I could make one. There's an existing design for a PCB that would accept a 2764 or 27128 but none for sale. I could probably etch my...

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  • Seeing above the DIN

    19 Mar | 13
    • in Computers • 
    • by FozzTexx

    Last night while I was fiddling with the newest addition to my collection of retro computers, my Commodore 64, I was having problems with the video output on the DIN connector. Everything I had found on the internet said that the Commodore 64, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, and the Atari 800 all used the same pins for composite video and audio. Just to be sure though I did a lot of searching and tracked down all the various pinouts and organized them into one cheat sheet. I also threw in the...

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  • Yes, this is Debian Linux 6.0.7 running on a PowerMac 7200

    05 Mar | 13
    • in Computers • 
    • by FozzTexx

    This is the second part of a previous article about getting Linux installed onto an old Mac. You can read the first part here . Inspired by the upcoming #RetroComputerWeek I had tinkered around and got my Apple IIgs connected to Dropbox. It worked but I started wondering if I could find a better way. The method I used was rather roundabout and required far too many computers. About a month ago I rescued a couple of PowerMac 7200 computers from destruction. I thought that if I could get Linux...

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