• Published on | May 15, 2013 | by FozzTexx

Stay away from Focal Price

About a month ago I purchased an Android tablet from Focal Price, a store out of China. The tablet was listed on their web site as brand new and in stock yet for some reason it took over a week before they shipped it. When it arrived the tablet was not new, it was definitely used. There were fingerprints on the screen, the USB cable was broken, the power supply was missing, and the serial number didn't even match the package.

I tried going through them to get it resolved. They told me that if I purchased the USB cable and power supply from somewhere else they would reimburse me. Because of the cost of the tablet I felt like trying to return the whole thing to China would just be a waste of money so I went ahead and got a replacement cable and power supply. Of course instead of reimbursing me they offered me store credit. And not only that, but their store credit was only good if I spent more than what they were crediting me!

After going around in circles with them for weeks I ended up having to start a dispute with PayPal in order to get my money back.

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