• Published on | Jul 01, 2007 | by FozzTexx

It's going to be an electric Fourth

Ok, I'm a little late getting the flyers scanned and posted. I think it's because this year I already had a plan for what I was going to purchase, and I already knew I would be purchasing on everyone's behalf. Anyways, here's the flyers and links to the SacBee video and reviews:

I got a slightly early start testing out some stuff I had read about on the internet. I don't remember what I was searching for last year or how I stumbled on the comment, but I read that flowers were "real interesting" when lit and thrown in water. While it's certainly amusing, and it does sound a lot better in person, I don't think it's anything "show worthy." Here's my YouTube clip:

Thanks to many generous contributions, here's the collection of stuff for this year. For everyone that has said they aren't coming to the party, all I can say is: What is wrong with you? Look at all that stuff!


Another thing I picked up this year is some nichrome wire. This is the stuff they use on model rocket ignitors, toasters, and other things that need to get hot from an electrical charge. I still need to make a switch board and pre-wire a few fountains, but this is definitely the start of more elaborate shows. And of course, here's a demo of the nichrome in action:

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+1  Posted by Dorothy Lewis • Jul.01.2007 at 16.04 • Reply

Wonder if we'll finish before midnight?? And let's hear it for the Bee!