• Published on | Nov 16, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Fancy dog door

Well, it's "fancy" because I tried to make it a "sealed" door that swung both directions. There's an outer frame which is hinged, and then the inner panel. Of course it hasn't worked quite right. The outer frame won't close by itself. I tried adding a rubberband but it doesn't seem to help much.

Why is there no window? Because a 1/8th inch thick sheet of acrylic just big enough was $35!! For that I might as well buy a dog door. All I spent on this was the 5 bucks for the hinges (which the local Ace tried to screw me on and charge me an extra $2 for).

Seven doesn't seem to want to go through it. I tried luring him with hot dogs and he just barks loudly at it. He likes to claw at it which is no good when he's outside because then he lifts the frame door and it snaps back down and scares him. I need to make the frame door stay tight against the whole thing somehow.

I just tried to crawl through it to show him how it works and I just about got stuck. I have to crawl sideways to fit, and when I got through to my waist I couldn't do it. Going back the other way was really tough since I had to put one arm back then the other while still balancing on my side!

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+1  Posted by Patricia Osborn • Nov.16.2005 at 22.09 • Reply

You are so crazy! I want to see a pic of you stuck in the dog door! :-D