• Published on | Jan 20, 2007 | by FozzTexx

Closet Organizer

I just finished the first of probably several "cabinets" to hold "drawers." Their purpose is to help me organize the overwhelming number of computer and A/V related cables I have amassed. Being a pack-rat from a family of pack-rats, I never get rid of any of my cables, even if I don't use the equipment they go to anymore. I also have geek friends who somehow aren't pack-rats and often give me their unwanted cables.

The drawers are larger versions of the crates I gave at Christmas. They are 18" deep and wide enough to accommodate the bags I store all my cables in. Bagging the cables keeps them from tangling and makes it easy to flip through them to find what I'm looking for. The cabinet is made of 6 rectangular frames made from 1x2s. The top, bottom, and back frames all have an extra support in the middle to hold the center frame. The cabinet can hold up to 12 drawers, but in practice it will likely hold only 4. The cable bags are quite tall and will require me to leave the 2 spaces above empty. Because of this I had to come up with a design that would let me avoid making a face frame. Now I just have to make a bunch more and get the closet cleaned up.

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+1  Posted by George Kelly • Mar.24.2007 at 13.37 • Reply

I liked your idea to organize cables. Nice Work.