• Published on | Nov 22, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Skee Ball display

Just picked up a 13 foot Skee Ball machine. Price was right, it was local, I've got room, couldn't resist. :-) The previous owners had unloaded it on me because they were unable to repair it. Plugged it in and didn't get anything on the score board, but it made noise and I could coin it up and manually flip the ball switches and get a reaction. Found the wire for the display was plugged in the wrong way. Turning it the right way got all the segments to light up, but nothing would change. Got out the logic probe and it was getting signal and clock. Changed out the 74c164 on the left which controls the left digit and cascades to the rest. Fixed!

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+1  Posted by Dennis Peters • Dec.31.2012 at 23.58 • Reply

I hhave a skee ball , m#4-83 and ser#SBA-1523 and need tthe board / power supply on the bottom right.....anyone know where i can find New or uused parts,,, ssecond machine is mod#11-90 and ser-SBA- 7560

+18  Posted by Stacey • Feb.02.2012 at 15.08 • Reply

Hello SkeeBall fans. Just a note to let you know I have come across 24 H machines all in working order that I will be separting and selling parts on Ebay. If anyone is in need of odd parts. Visist my Ebay store

+1  Posted by Heidi • Oct.01.2006 at 20.43 • Reply

Hi, I too just became the owner of an older skeeball machine. I'm having a hard time locating info about troubleshhoting repair it. I saw your post and read some of your others and you seem quiet handy. if you can offer any advice that would be great, if I'm being a pain sorry. So here goes...

I had to fix the rocker arm that releases the balls, re-align the ball hole board and replace some light bulbs but I'm stumped on the "electrical" end of this thing. The lights, sound and all mechanical aspects work but the score is off. Sometimes it increases by 20 points other times o.k. Often the score reads "HEL" you posted something about plugging in and reading something. Any thoughts? The machine seems to have been rewired and has Deltronic labs parts/processors?

The plate in the scoreboard cabinet read model 11/83 Serial #SBA 2258. Nothing I can find on-line matches this numbering S and H seem to be the common models, maybe this one is older?

When I manually flick the score wires they all work but in the same way the balls register.

thanks in advance Heidi

+2  Posted by FozzTexx • Oct.01.2006 at 20.49 • Reply

The "HEL" should be followed by a "P" in the ball counter. It's saying "HELP" which means there's a problem with the ticket dispenser. Make sure there's no tickets jammed in it.

My plate says model 6-89, and it's a model S. Yours is most likely a model H, I believe Deltronics built the circuit boards on those models.

The double scoring may be caused by the wire being bent too close to the ball as it passes.

+1  Posted by JASON • Nov.06.2009 at 11.02 • Reply

The one I just got had the ticket dispenser removed. Had to switch DIP switch position 8 to get it to stop saying HELP. Not sure it this will apply to your model or not.

+1  Posted by Bill • Jan.11.2007 at 16.07 • Reply

I was looking for info on Skeeball and came across your posts. I recently purchased a model H. It works great except the display needs bulbs. Have you found where to get new bulbs and sockets? You can also get a manual for the H on ebay for about $7.Thanks for any help.

+1  Posted by FozzTexx • Jan.11.2007 at 16.12 • Reply

I have not found a place to get new sockets, but I was able to get the 73 and 74 bulbs cheap from <A HREF="http://www.pinballlife.com">Pinball Life</A>

+1  Posted by Bridget • Apr.21.2007 at 11.43 • Reply

Hi, I recently bought a skee ball game on Ebay. It is a model S (I believe) and I have no idea how to put it all together. It was missing the manual and the keys. I have not been able to find a manual and was wondering if anyone can help? Thanks!

+1  Posted by peter • Apr.01.2007 at 16.17 • Reply

has anyone had luck on locating bulb sockets?


+1  Posted by jim • Oct.12.2007 at 22.10 • Reply

You can purchase light bulb sockets from skeeball. Jim

+1  Posted by Greg • Dec.19.2007 at 12.00 • Reply

New here too. I guess I don't understand this. My machine is a model #8-89 I was told by Service at Skeeball Corp. that the manual I needed was determined by the EPROM ID. Label. I see these Model letters "S,H,A,B"ect. instead of the model number stamped on the metal tag inside of the machine. How do you determine what my letter model is?

+1  Posted by Nick • Nov.25.2008 at 16.10 • Reply

Anyone know where to get replacement LED displays for Skee Ball?

I have some segements that are not working and I just want to try and replace them..



+1  Posted by FozzTexx • Nov.28.2008 at 19.26 • Reply

They aren't LEDs, they're little light bulbs. If you're lucky the sockets are still in good condition and you just need to replace the bulbs.

+1  Posted by JASON • Nov.06.2009 at 11.00 • Reply

I just got a 13' skeeball machine from Tilt Arcade. It has 7 segment displays for each of the numbers. Some were not working, but the only problem was bad solder joints on the circuit board. So, you could try touching that up first and see if it helps.

+1  Posted by Josh • Jul.30.2009 at 08.12 • Reply

I recently bought a skeeball game from ebay and was wondering where i would find the model number and other parts for it...really need some help please

+1  Posted by matt • Aug.08.2009 at 11.30 • Reply

could someone help me. The rocker arm lets the balls down at the start, but then does not pop back, so the balls get backed up. i hear a buzzing from the mechanism that is supposed to release the rocker arm. any ideas?

+1  Posted by Ray • Oct.06.2009 at 20.20 • Reply

It sounds like a simple matter of something physically hanging up or the return spring is loose or off. I would suggest watching underneath while someone coins up the machine. Good luck. rayorharry@hotmail.com

+1  Posted by Ray • Oct.06.2009 at 20.18 • Reply

does anyone have a spare coin mech holder assembly that drops in for an older model skee-ball. (Yellow one) I have coin mechs and skee ball is terrible at following up on parts requests. Thank you Please reply to my email address.

+1  Posted by Dean Wiese • Feb.05.2010 at 14.16 • Reply

I own a vintage skee-ball machine with cables and rocker arms, one of the cables was broken or missing, does anyone have knowledge or a diagram how the cable should work? It looks like some kind of secondary pulley for the resetting of the scoring wheel. It attaches to two rocker arms next to the main cable that lowers the ball stops. Right now I have it working with just one cable that allows the balls to come down and also resets the score wheel. This machine is completely mechanical, it is about 60 or 70 years old. It does have ticket despensing which is electrical, which isn't working at all.

+1  Posted by ken wrightstone • Aug.20.2010 at 14.28 • Reply

I have an old skee ball machine that was working but a couple of months ago when you turned it on the and drop the coin the balls would release and the score and ball counter would display 0. when you started rolling balls it does not keep track of the score or the ball count. After rolling all the balls you have to unplug it and plug it back in for the balls to release again. Does any have any ideas what may be causing this? Thanks.

+1  Posted by FozzTexx • Aug.20.2010 at 15.16 • Reply

Sounds similar to what just started with mine at the 4th of July party. Right now mine will score but won't count the balls. I haven't yet had time to tear it apart and see if it's just the switch in the alley or if there's something wrong with the circuit board.

+1  Posted by rob • Nov.13.2010 at 07.37 • Reply

I had several issues with my machine, called skeelball tech support. They were incredibly helpful

+1  Posted by Boston Skeeball • Dec.15.2011 at 17.23 • Reply

My machine keeps score but not the ball count too. It just sits at zero. Any ideas? Feel free to email me or post back.

Thank you!

+1  Posted by FozzTexx • Dec.15.2011 at 17.25 • Reply

Sounds like the switch that counts the balls is not working. If you flip it by hand does the count go up? If it does then either the wire isn't long enough or has been bent at an angle that doesn't contact the ball when it passes.

+1  Posted by BRANDON • Jun.07.2014 at 04.33 • Reply

buying a skee ball machine but has a CL on the display anyone know what it is or how to fix it

+1  Posted by FozzTexx • Jun.07.2014 at 04.37 • Reply

It's probably saying CALL not CL, the bulbs are likely not working. It means you need to unjam the tickets. Here's the manual: http://www.rustykey.com/projects/skeeball/Skeeball%20Model%20S.pdf