• Published on | Apr 10, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Captain Fantastic (home version)

I ordered the test procedures from Marco. I got a cheaply assembled photocopy manual. The schematics in it are incomplete and have been copied so many times that they are close to impossible to read. First thing I did was check out the power board. Opening it up I found a board that looks very similar to a Midway 8080 style power board. I found the input voltages were fine, but the 5V and 18V out were very low. After checking voltages around the board I found that nothing was getting across the 100ohm resistor. Replaced the resistor and the board is working. Put everything back together and fired it up and got nothing from the MPU. A quick check of the new resistor showed it getting good and toasty. Looks like there is a short on the MPU somewhere. Not sure where yet.

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