• Published on | Mar 09, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Where's the power management?

Played a bit with the power management today. Couldn't really it get it to do much that'll be useful. I turned on the ACPI in the kernel and turned off APM and rebuilt/rebooted. My power button stopped doing an immediate shutdown and I could cat a file and see everytime I pushed it, which was neat. When I tried to put the computer into S3 it went to sleep, but didn't quite want to wake up. Had problems with both the video and the USB keyboard/mouse. I also had no luck at all finding a way to get the monitor to turn off. I would really like to have the monitor turn off when there's no input for 15 minutes (and recognize any attached joysticks as input!). It'd also be nice to be able to do an S3 suspend so that the PC will come right back up instead of having to boot. But since I'm going to have this stripped down to the bare minimum, bootup shouldn't be too slow, and I'm probably going to mount everything read-only except for a small partition for saving high-scores and settings.

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