• Published on | Mar 07, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Woo! Advmame runs!

After much tinkering I finally got advmame to fire up Donkey Kong! It was a problem with the framebuffer driver. Sort of. :-) The site that the driver originally came from used an old style of separating the boot args. It said that you separate args with a : and the values with an =. Well, under the 2.6.11 kernel it's args with a , and values with a : This is what I'm using for a boot arg: video=i810fb:xres:1024,bpp:16,hsync1:30,hsync2:65,vsync1:50,vsync2:100,accel,mtrr Unfortunately it looks like they took out the rotate option in the driver. Dunno if I can put it back or not. Oh yah, I also got sound working. I found the alsamixer and umuted master, pcm, and headphone, and bingo! Sound!

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