• Published on | Feb 26, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Centipede bench testing

Finally got around to testing out a Centipede board I got for cheap. Did a bunch of searches and found lots of people making JAMMA adapters but no real details. Decided to just "go for it" and clipped power to the marked test points on the board. For the video I didn't have a smaller edge connector so I followed the pins back to components on the board and clipped onto those. Flipped it on waiting for something to smoke and it came right up!

For the video, the yellow clip is connected to the composite sync, and the black is connected to the RGB ground on the monitor.

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+1  Posted by Bill Karkula • Mar.21.2005 at 16.41 • Reply

I bought a Jamma adapter from arcadeshop but needed a trackball. Trackballs are big so I took apart an old mouse and brought out the correct connections to the optos inside using the mouse cable and connected them to the adapter. Works like a champ! I also bought a millipede to centipede adapter. Now I can service both Milli's and Centi's on my Jamma setup.