• Published on | Feb 10, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Allied Leisure "Circa 1933"

When it came in it had 3 problems: weak right flipper, left flipper sticks in the up position, and the right slingshot wouldn't work. Popped it open and found that the weak flipper was caused by someone hooking up the EOS switch across the thick wire part of the coil. They also did it to the left one. Swapped the EOS to the thin wire and that fixed it. The coil stop on the left flipper broke off and had been reattached with a screw. The screw gets magnetized when the coil is energized and has just enough residual magnetism to keep the plunger stuck to it. The head of the screw also became smashed and I wasn't able to fit a screwdriver into the head anymore. Had to grab it with pliers. Replaced it with a brass screw. It appears the right slingshot doesn't fire because of a bad MPS6531 on the MPU board. I have one on order and expect it to fix the problem.

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