• Published on | Feb 07, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Strange color to Gauntlet alphanumerics

Haven't yet been able to figure this one out. The player stats on the side have lots of funky colors. The messages in the game are blue instead of white. Also the high score table has all the wrong colors for the text. When I put the game into self-test the screen turns red instead of white, and a RAM error is displayed but I can't read it because the text is black on a black background. Once I skip past the RAM error, all the self-tests come up fine, including the correct colors on the text!

I swapped all the socketed RAM around so that 6E/7E/6K/7K got different chips, and the same problem keeps appearing so it doesn't appear to be actual bad RAM. I also checked that I have continuity from all of the pins of all of the chips to where they should be going.

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