• Published on | Apr 18, 2006 | by FozzTexx

Video games and programming skills?

After my recent post about programming skill tests, it makes me wonder if there's any correlation between someone's preference of video game type and their programming skills. Probably not, but I'm still curious.

My preference for video games tends to lean more towards the puzzle and exploration type games. I love the entire Zelda and Metroid series (although some of the more recent Zeldas have deviated from the non-linear exploration). I've also enjoyed Lemmings and Lost Vikings, although after doing a lot of levels they tend to become tedious. Lode Runner is another game that I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid, it was a platformer with a bit of puzzle built-in, but it also let me and my sister make our own levels that were very puzzle-centric.

I don't care much for RPG games at all. I've played a few, and the whole turn based fighting thing just bores me. I want to be able to make the battle happen, not stand by and keep watching silly animations that represent dice throws. Maybe this is because I want to solve the problem now and don't want to waste time with meetings that go over and over the same old thing?

There is probably no hard and fast connection here, but I can definitely see a relationship between the games I like and how I program.

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