• Published on | Apr 18, 2006 | by FozzTexx

Betty Crocker Catalog going out of business?

Wow! I just got a spam from Betty Crocker telling me I need to use my points before they close up shop! No way! According to their web site they are discontinuing the whole catalog thing.

Of course, I haven't bought anything from them in ages (and don't intend to now, I'm still broke and looking for work). The last time I bought something was several years ago, and it was a large silverware set. I think I'm pretty much set for life now, I have 28 place settings for fork/knife/spoon, and I think 12 or 16 of the other funny stuff that isn't commonly used. I might need more serving utensils someday though...

I've also got a huge stack of Betty Crocker coupons that date back to long long ago that have been passed on to me. I think over 10 years ago they stopped caring if the points had expired so the pile just grew and grew. It also seems like from time to time they don't even care if you send the points in.

I've always kept the most recent catalog they send me on my end table, just in case I need to order something. It will certainly be strange when the catalog is no longer around.

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+1  Posted by Patrick Havens • Apr.18.2006 at 12.28 • Reply

Looks like they'll still accept them to the online store. They're just stopping the print version.

<img src="http://www.bettycrocker.com/BettyStore/Images/Features/032306_pointswarning.jpg">

+1  Posted by Dorothy Fabian • Aug.22.2006 at 01.42 • Reply

I've ordered from B.C.for years and will miss being able to use my points in the future. Dorothy

+1  Posted by Anna Mae • Feb.11.2007 at 15.39 • Reply

Well at least I won't have to bother saving the box tops,I don't or won't shop on line, that requires too much personal information to be given. Not worth the possibility of problems. All I wanted was a catalog.

+1  Posted by richard parke • Jul.02.2007 at 13.42 • Reply

I am in shock. I have 2,000 Betty Crocker points and I was wanting to cash them in. I am disappointed to say the least!