• Published on | Nov 12, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Planer stand/wheelbarrow/cart

Finally slapped together a stand for my thickness planer today. I haven't been using the planer as much since it has been on the floor and it is so heavy I haven't wanted to move it where I can actually use it.

I've been putting off making the stand for a little while after making my "fancy" utility cart. I kept thinking I would make the planer stand the same way, and the utility cart had a lot of half-lap joints and dados so it took a while to get it all cut and assembled. I wasn't really ready to do anything so complicated.

Today I just made a simple stand out of 2x4s all screwed together with no half-lap joints or anything. Really really simple. I put two wheels on one end and two legs on the other, with simple handles so I can lift the legs and cart it around. Unfortunately one leg came out longer than the other so it was wobbly. Fixed it by cutting the short leg even shorter and sticking on a leg leveler that I ripped off on arcade cabinet a long time ago when I converted the arcade cabinet to have wheels.

After putting the planer on I realized I should have put it the other way 'round. I have the handles for the cart sticking out one end, and the dust port sticks out the other. It's no fun standing at the end with the dust port, and the handles are sort of in the way to stand at the other end. Maybe tomorrow I will unbolt it and heave the whole thing so it's mounted better. It's so nice to finally be able to move it around easily. Now I can start using it again!

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