• Published on | Jan 23, 2006 | by FozzTexx

Mobile WAP

Saw on Pat's blog an entry about using a cellphone with a WAP. Of course you have to buy some funky WAP. And a cable. What I've done is use a Mac laptop to achieve the same thing, and there's no wires at all! Thank you OSX! I use a Motorola RAZR V3 cellphone and link it to my iBook wirelessly. Then I can go into the control panel and turn on internet sharing. Works great! I'm using Cingular and I think instead of charging by the minute they charge by the amount of data you transfer. But since I don't see the cell phone bill I don't really know. I know I have a plan on the phone to give me a megabyte of data per month (not much), I don't know if it includes using the cell phone for PPP.

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