• Published on | Jan 16, 2006 | by FozzTexx

Does openMosix really work?

Well after trying to use it for a few days in a real world application, it's failing miserably. Processes are no longer migrating, and when I have more nodes available than just the master node, things come to a CRAWL on the master node. That's crazy! I looked at all the /proc/pid/cantmove entries and they were all empty which from what I understand means there's no reason they can't move.

I found out there was a problem because my disk ran out of space! Instead of processing the spam that has been coming in, it's just been queueing it all up. I have lots of uuxqts and sendmails running, but they aren't doing anything.

To test things I rebooted the master node and shut off the other 2 nodes. Now with it just running solitary it seems to finally be processing all the spam. I see though I still have another 1.2gigs of spam on my main mail server that it's aching to send over. Sheesh.

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