• Published on | Aug 06, 2012 | by FozzTexx

Five for $10 or Ten for $8

I needed to get a keystone coax connector after running a new network drop into an old box. I went to Lowes and they had a single connector for $3 or a 5 pack for $10. I only need one, but $3 is a little much. I was considering getting the 5 pack but even $2 each seems a little much. I also didn't like the way the connector was recessed into the keystone plate. I looked around a little more and what did I find? Blank keystones and the coax couplers sold separately which combined would be less than the 5 pack! I'll just make my own!

I drilled a 3/8" hole in the center of the blank with the drill press. As long as you go slow it's easy to hold onto the keystone blank and not have the drill press grab it out of your fingers. The plastic is soft and the drill doesn't bite too hard. The coax couplers even came with the little washers and nuts so I could mount them to the blank!

The total was just over $8 and I can make as many as 10 of the keystone coax connectors.

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