• Published on | Dec 26, 2005 | by FozzTexx

Crates, Crates, Crates!

The new house I moved into has lots and lots of fruit trees. Four (five, six?) are all in season right now and they have lots of stuff I'm not going to eat. Seemed like a perfect Christmas gift! But, what to wrap all the fruit in that I can make?

I thought about weaving baskets, but that would be way too time consuming. All my time was dedicated to getting the dinosaur built. I had already been planning to make some simple crates to use to organize all my computer cables and parts but hadn't quite gotten to it yet. I figured smaller versions would probably be perfect and I could make them out of scrap wood left from pallets I disassembled.

I took 3/4" wood and ripped it down to 1/2" wide and then cut those into 12" lengths. For the ends I also used 3/4" wood that I planed smooth and then cut into 7" x 3.25". I nailed and glued the slats onto the ends. To space the slats I just turned another slat sideways to get a perfect 1/2" space between them. They came out really nice and a whole lot stronger than I expected.

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