• Published on | Apr 28, 2013 | by FozzTexx

Forts, Houses, whatever

I made these toys for the kids a couple of years ago. I found a single page description in a woodworking book for making toys at the library. It seemed very simple but it looked like one of those kinds of toys that kids would go back to again and again because it could be used in so many different ways.

The construction is very simple, it's thin sheets with notches cut into them. The wide notches represent doors and windows, depending on which way it is turned, and the thin notches allow the pieces to be locked together to make buildings or houses or forts.

To cut the notches I used my router and a template. I actually made the template on my CNC, but since my CNC is small I had to do it in pieces. I made the template with puzzle piece edges so I could snap them together in the different orientations required to get the different sizes of house pieces I was making. I think the puzzle edges are more interesting than the actual toy I made.

I still get emails and photos from the parents showing me new uses for these.

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+1  Posted by Sue Osborn • Apr.28.2013 at 17.59 • Reply

And today, once again, with all three kids here, they have brought them out and once again built a house with them. They like to fill all the rooms with toys and stuffed animals and drawing/coloring projects.