• Published on | Dec 26, 2005 | by FozzTexx

It's not a horse, it's a dinosaur!

Christmas is over so now I can finally post my woodworking projects. I didn't dare post them earlier since my family reads this and I didn't want them getting a sneak preview of their gifts!

This one is the big one. I stumbled on a picture of one while searching the internet for ideas on stuff to make back in October. My dad loves dinosaurs and my sister just had a baby so I had to make it for Christmas for my parents.

2 weeks ago I realized I better get started if I was gonna have any hope of having something ridable at Christmas. I went and searched the internet again looking for the site that sells the plans. They had a nice big picture of the dinosaur, and conveniently told me the overall dimensions. A quick import of the picture into my CAD program and a little bit of manual tracing and I had myself a set of plans!

Printed out the plans full size on my printer and then traced them onto 5/16 plywood and cut them out. Then I screwed them to some 2x12s and used the router to trace them and cut a little more than halfway through the 2x12 (many many many passes, a little at a time). After that I cut off the excess again on my bandsaw then stuck the router in my table with a flush-cutting bit with a bearing and cut off the remaining wood.

Lots and lots of sanding and repairs (lousy Home Depot wood) and I was able to do the final glue-up 2 days before Christmas so I would have just enough time to get it wrapped.

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