• Published on | May 14, 2012 | by FozzTexx

Book Bin

My sister had added a request for a custom made book bin/shelf to my niece's Wishzilla. She said she needed something to get the books off her bed because it made it hard to sleep on and the books would also fall down between the bed and the wall.

This was made to my sister's specifications. It is made of clear pine which she later painted. The design is fairly simple, with the curves and routed profile on the ends. There is no back on it since the wall should keep the books from falling out.

It hangs from the wall with some keyhole mounts routed into the back. To make the template for the keyholes I used my CNC to mill a half inch piece of particle board. I didn't have to use the CNC, it's just a pill shaped cutout, but it was nice to make it exactly the right size. Next time though I'll make it a sixteenth of an inch larger, the heads of the bolts are a bit tight fitting in when trying to hang it on the wall.

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