• Published on | Apr 06, 2012 | by FozzTexx

BBQ cart from recycled redwood

I made this cart in June of 2008 about a week before the 4th of July. For some reason it never got posted to my blog. The redwood came from some raised beds in my yard that I ripped out. Parts of it were pretty badly rotted - I mean spalted - but there was enough to make the cart. I only had to edge glue the two long side pieces on the top to get boards big enough.

The plans came from Ron Hazelton, I saw it on his show the year before but didn't have time to make it. I made some adjustments to fit the amount of wood I had available.

Other than some screws and nails, the entire thing is made from the redwood I pulled out of the ground. The handle, the rod for the paper towels, the wheels, the axle for the wheels, and even the little pegs that hold the wheels on was all made from the redwood. I rough dimensioned all the wood on my table saw first. After all the dirt was cut off I ran it through my jointer and planer to dimension it.

I setup a makeshift "shop" out on my deck because it was much too hot to work in my garage (it gets over 90 in there in the summer). It worked out well because in milling down the redwood there was a lot of dirt that came off and instead of making a mess in the garage I was able to use the leaf blower and clean it up.

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