• Published on | Nov 16, 2008 | by FozzTexx

Goodbye Gift Box Server... Hello Wishzilla.com!

I'm sure most of you probably already saw the email that we sent out to announce it, but for everyone else: The Gift Box Server has finally got a facelift! The new site is at Wishzilla.com.

For those of you who may be new to this thing (or just in need of a refresher), here's how it works: you and your family members each set up an account, and then start making wishes for what YOU want. Whenever you think of something, you can simply add it to your Wishlist. If you see it online, you can just use the new Wishzilla.com magic Wish Getter, right there from any website, no need to go back and forth! Then your family members can look at the things on your list and choose which wish they would like to fulfill for you, and you can do the same for them. But don't worry, this won't eliminate the fun of the surprise, and it's still the thought that counts: you choose which item you would like to give, and when you want to buy it you can lock the item away, so nobody else will buy it... all without the recipient knowing anything about it! This removes the stress from the holiday season and ensures many happy exchanges, without the hassle of dealing with returns later.

Some of the new features are integrated images, mobile devices, and multi-family. Put images on your wishes! Let people see exactly what it is you want. In the store and want to see what someone wants? Well there's iPhone and other mobile device support too. Plus, now you don't need to sign up for multiple accounts, a single account can be a member of multiple families! No longer do you need to maintain several different gift lists.

Come sign up and make gift shopping a lot easier.

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