• Published on | Jun 20, 2008 | by FozzTexx

New Air Conditioner

5:45pm: It's installed and running

It took them all day to get the duct work and plumbing sorted out. It was 88 in here when they started it up, but within 30 minutes it was down to 86. The old unit would have never been able to cool it off at all if I let it get over 80. 11:50am: Looks like it will be a challenge to get the ductwork to match up

11:30am: Recycler shows up to drag away old unit.

9:15am: Old one goes out

Another guy came with a cart with big inflatable wheels. Just as I went out to snap the picture he climbed on top to ride it and add a counter balance to keep it from sliding off the back of the cart. 8:15am: Arrival

I'm not sure yet how they're going to get it around the house to where the old one is. They say it weighs around 400 pounds. There's sidewalk in the front of the house, but the unit is 4 feet wide and the sidewalk is pretty narrow by the bushes.

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