• Published on | Jan 08, 2008 | by FozzTexx

I need my own lumber mill

Last Friday I woke up to find 3 large branches had been torn off my maple tree during the big storm that had happened. Looking out the window they didn't seem that big, but when I got out next to them, they were huge!

I don't think the damage to the fence is too severe since it's just a wire fence. But the branches are much much too big for me to drag away. They will need to be cut up before I can move them. I'm hoping I can find a way to slab the bigger parts and save them for woodworking projects.

Just for fun I looked at the free stuff on Craigslist the next day, and it was just full of "Free wood" ads. Lots and lots of trees had been blown down. And not just fir trees, lots of hardwood. Makes me wish I had one of those portable lumber mills so I could go harvest all that free lumber!

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