• Published on | Nov 17, 2007 | by FozzTexx

I hate Tetris

Today I ran out and got myself a tiny little chest freezer. It was the smallest one that Sears carries. I've been considering getting one for probably 5 years or so, and I finally did it. I was originally thinking I would put it in the garage, but it's so small it fits real nice right next to the washing machine. Very convenient since it's right off the kitchen.

Why today? Because when I went grocery shopping today at SaveMart, they were giving away free frozen turkeys to anyone that spent $99 or more. Of course when I got it home, no matter how much shuffling and unboxing of frozen items I did, there was no way to fit the turkey in the freezer too. Since I had been thinking of getting a freezer so long, I figured it was a good enough excuse. Plus it was not very expensive.

It's a 5 cubic foot model. When I looked online I thought it would be really tiny, but when I got in the store I was surprised how big it is. It's so small though that the guy that brought it out didn't even need me to put the lift down on my truck. He just bear hugged it and lifted it right in.

Now I need to get even more frozen stuff since I have plenty of freezer storage. Rob claims the Bel Air store near him still stocks the 8-inch round Freschetta pizzas. If that's true then I will definitely be stocking up. But I still don't know what I'm going to do with a 13 pound turkey.

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